ETTS™ Framework

The Email Threat Training System™ is learning framework that provides employees with a structured understanding of the risks they face within their email world.

Above is an example of the framework in action.

Stage 1. The Viewers Reality (Where their beliefs live)
The first part of establishing the viewers reality is to simply state the problem that email or even SMS, has. That being you cannot 100% trust a message is from who it says it is from.

Stage 2. WHY should they personally care about that
We assume they don’t! So it’s important they understand why they don’t — have they reached that decision without understanding the world of threats out there.

Stage 4. Who will try and trick me?
Scammers, cyber criminals; call them what you will, they want to profit from your actions.

Stage 5. What do they want?
Money, Logins, Data.

Stage 6. How will they trick me?
They can’t ask you to do something as Mr/Mrs A. Scammer — so they need to pretend to be someone you know; it could be a person, or it could be a service. The formula they have to use is: [ who they pretend to be ] Asks YOU to Do [ Action you can carry out ]

Stage 7. There are 4 Actions you can Do that are valuable to a scammer
Only when these are asked of you do you need to turn your security brain on.
A. Make Payment
B. Click Link / Login
C. Download Open / Attachment
D. Task (Send document, purchase gift card etc)

Stage 8. SECRET 😉