Security Awareness Training

Authentic no-spin Cyber Security Awareness

Having successfully social engineered my way into the inboxes of White House staff and Fortune 500 CEOs; I then took my talents into the world of email security.

For 3 years I then manipulated BEC focussed cyber-criminals into handing over specific intelligence, which in turn was passed on to global financial institutions, and relevant law enforcement.

Throughout this I have delivered my authentic mix of phishing tales and threat intelligence to audiences in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. These events have ranged from dinners, through to conferences, seminars; and that 2020 essential; webinars.

If you want to deliver a security awareness message in a unique and engaging way; one with an authentic and thought-provoking story, then lets chat.

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Popular topics…

  • Social Engineering – The psychology and the process behind a successful SE attack
  • BEC – Business Email Compromise
  • Modern BEC cyber criminals; their tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Banking, and its important role in online safety
  • Emotional damage caused by cyber crime. Really useful, even if you work in infosec; but haven’t seen that side first-hand
  • The EMAIL PRANKSTER days. A great way to kick-off and show how social engineering works in the world of email; and how anyone – even heads of homeland Security – can, and do, fall for it. Sets the scene for a dive into how destructive these tactics are when the intent is malicious