Social Engineering Speaker: Tales from my time as a email prankster, and protector.


After social engineering my way into the inboxes of White House staff and Banking CEOs I then went to work in email security — it was very much the fairy tail ending.

For 3 years I manipulated BEC (Business Email Compromise) cyber-criminals into revealing specific intelligence which was then passed on to global financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Over the years I have delivered my authentic mix of spear phishing experiences and email threat intelligence to audiences in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. I am not a polished and slick presenter. But that’s half the charm. My enthusiasm and authenticity is what connects with the audience as I take them on a journey through the parts of security that I find fascinating.

If you want to deliver a security awareness message in a unique and engaging way, one with an authentic and thought-provoking story, then lets chat:

Popular topics

  • Social Engineering. Why was I successful against Wall Street CEOs, The Bank of England, and the White House.
  • BEC – Business Email Compromise
  • Modern BEC cyber criminals: their tactics, techniques, and mindset
  • The EMAIL PRANKSTER™ days. A great way to show how social engineering works in the world of email, and how anyone — even Heads of Homeland Security (and other social engineers) can, and do, get caught out. Sets the scene perfectly for a dive into how destructive these tactics are when the intent is malicious.